The Porsche 911 Carrera is an incredibly popular rear-engined sports car with tons of heritage. It has undergone many different transformations over the years, but each transformation has been an evolution in design, not a revolution.

Porsche wants you to be able to recognize the 911 no matter what. That is why the design has evolved to fit with the times instead of trying to reinvent itself every decade. The 911 has an iconic teardrop design with soft body lines that invoke movement. It is incredibly aerodynamic and it has traditional round headlights, with modern LED accents.

The 911 Carrera is the perfect melding of new technology with classical design. You get all of the advanced features without having a vehicle that shouts that you have arrived. The 911 gets just the right amount of attention when you drive it around Springfield, IL. Most people know that it is an important car, and some may come up and talk to you about their 911 story. To experience the 911 first hand, you can take it for a ride at Isringhausen Porsche.

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