Here at Isringhausen Porsche, we believe a luxury car should provide you with every piece of infotainment and excellence in a style that can be expressed well by the Porsche Panamera.

This luxury car brings you all the performance and power you would expect from a Porsche vehicle with a range of technology and styling that is unmatched across most of the luxury models of the U.S. We all know the Porsche brand is one of the most famous in the world of sports and luxury vehicles but the thought and excellent design that has gone into every aspect of the Porsche Panamera includes the rear seats where large removable screens are included.

The two ten-inch screens provided for the rear passengers have been created to link up to the infotainment system of the Panamera along with network access that allows many streaming options to be explored as you drive around Springfield, IL. The included network connection provides access to the internet and all the apps available from the Google Play Store.


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